Desert Safari Dubai includes not only camel safari but also things like quad bike, dune buggy, dune bashing in a luxury land cruiser, free take, drinking water, shows like belly dance, Tanura show, Fire show, Magic Show, Falcon exhibition, sand ride, you will also be able to see the beautiful things of the Arabian Red Desert, take pictures with the hawks, wear Arab style costumes, beautiful views of the sun, sun views (if booked in the morning package), take a short walk from the destination in it go to the desert so you can take a beautiful view of the city of Dubai in the form of pictures, and the guide will be with you throughout the journey

ababel's wilderness and the past of dubai

Dubai was a piece of sand before it was transformed into a city of the future with state-of-the-art technology and aesthetic architecture. And visitors produce magnets from all over the world. Famous as the Gulf Pearl, it has it all. Known as the architectural property that allows you to get views of the most beautiful cities, the Dubai desert is a place that offers endless sports and fun.

Dubai’s coastline is surrounded by many pristine beaches and a hostile desert will surely amaze you with its sight. In addition, it is not wrong to say that your trip to this UAE gem is incomplete before embarking on some of the most accessible desert safari trips to Dubai – make a sophisticated trip by Camel, a 4 × 4 car ride or a hot air balloon ride. The purpose of witnessing in the desert is complete regardless of the method you choose to do so.


top 5 attractions in desert dubai

The morning desert safari in Dubai is great, but they are eager to explore the mounds. The five-day journey begins very early in the morning before sunrise. You spend a leg of the journey watching the first rays of the morning sun. These trips later included a number of activities such as camel rides, ATV rides, sandboarding, and sand skiing. The rays of the morning sun are a must see, especially when you are in the wilderness.

There are three possible routes to take a morning trip to Dubai. First is a 4 × 4 safari that does not need to be imported; secondly a regular ride that pleases Camel, and lastly – a slide to a hot air balloon.

evening safari dubai a very looking paper for tourists

top 5 attractions in desert dubai

There has never been a sunset that can fail to cast a spell. Evening Desert safari in Dubai is a chance to see the sky explode in all the yellow and red colors amidst the atmosphere of the amorphous dunes. The perch behind the Camel soak up the hot night air as it travels in each direction.

The other puts electricity into every living cell in your body and can even take driving. The third version of the Evening safari is as popular as the landrover – which is a hot air balloon ride. When the expedition in the wilderness has passed, he is taken to a desert camp. An integrated collection of cultural programs wants to entertain you while eating your BBQ meal.


top 5 attractions in desert dubai

The desert at night feels the way it is described in the famous book “The Alchemist.” You should plan a desert safari in Dubai to get a real sense of wandering and fun before you read it. The desert safari in Dubai includes a desert stay in the camps. He begins to ride in the dark when the evening safari cars have left the desert. You will be able to see the stars in the desert at night.

Highlights: Unusual jeeps will take you to attractive, sandy terrain. Travel reveals. In addition, you will be amazed at the region-wide view. You will find many different Arabian drinks after arriving at your hotel. Enjoy a delicious dinner.

minister hummer desert safari

As you begin the thrilling drive you will find yourself slipping into a beautiful clip. Playing for 45 minutes can bring your heart as Hummer washes the mounds. Post a hummer desert safari, sit down and enjoy a Bedouin-inspired setting that includes a delicious BBQ dinner and hookah and cultural shows like fire dancing, Tanura dance etc. Hummer safari is the most popular ride in Dubai that you might need.


By sitting behind the Camel Ride the old adventure mode of any desert in the world camel safari and bashing is certainly a fun but different way of jumping on top of the Camel is peaceful and slow-paced fun. Known only as the “desert ship” for no apparent reason, they huddled behind the camel and enjoyed the high views of those around them. The Camel can travel to areas where cars may not be browsing. He is also taken to the Camel farm for sightseeing and rear camping where you can try out activities such as quad biking and sand skiing etc.


The next morning’s departure from the Hot Air Balloon offers an uninterrupted view of the sunrise that heats up the dunes. From a desert trip to Dubai, a hot air balloon ride is the only thing that gives the bird’s eye a rustic beauty and take a trip. If you are someone who wants to suck at sunset, take a safari evening trip and check out the frogs and Oryx in town. A 60-minute flight takes about 24 people at a time. The balloon works as the stories are read by the guide about